Easy configuration of company structure

      Dynamic support for creation and management of various project teams

      Step-by-step wizards to manage members and department accounts

      Support for complex structure creation with a high degree of freedom



      Standard secure MIME support

      Message encryption

      Digitally signed message verification

      Digitally signed and/or encrypted message exchange through email

      Mail message archiving through multiple POP3 and/or IMAP servers



      Certificate creation, deletion, search, verification, and revocation

      Management of multiple keys and certificates

      Key creation and deletion

      Both public key and conventional key management



      Systematic allocation of storage spaces

      Controlled access based on duty

      Anytime anywhere access through

      encrypted channels

      File-wise access control

      Fine-grained user-level access



      Various cryptographic functions

      Standard-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

      Secret-key encryption

      Easy-to-use passphrase encryption

      Key-escrow feature on demand



      ITU-T X.509-based certificate

      Public key cryptography

      Data integrity evaluation

      Authentication of document author

      Non-repudiation of mail senders and recipients