Choice of user interfaces: web interface and Java client

      A light-weight web interface supporting major web browsers

      A powerful Java client with a handy user interface



      Spaces available anywhere anytime

      Prompt synchronization from local PCs

      A structured storage management scheme



      Separation of the data management from system administration tasks

      Access grant to data based on the organization member's duty

      Support for the conventional file-based access control as an extension of

        the FiloSAFE's native access control



      Reflecting an organization structure in virtual space

      Manager-oriented data management

         vs. system administrator-oriented management

      Dynamic project management regarding its purpose



      Public key infrastructure-based encryption and digital signature

      Certificate-based authentication

      Guarantee of data confidentiality and integrity

      Protection of files from computer viruses



      A convenient but comprehensive control of security functions

      A clear display of accessible data

      Easy-to-use uploading and downloading

      Wizard-based step-by-step task processing interfaces for complex functions